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"Fifty little front gardens in full bloom, and in the middle of the quadrangle, an ancient chapel... I couldn't wait to come and live here.”



The following are comments and quotes from residents:

"I value living independently in my own home, with my own front door, feeling protected and secure. And knowing that I only need to step outside that front door and I am surrounded by friends." (MW)

"Although I have been living here for four years now, I still breathe in the serenity of The College. It is a haven to which I return each time I leave... It is such a pleasure to watch visitors come and visibly relax, letting go of the stresses of the outside world for a while. Here, and locally, there are as many activities and hobbies available as one wishes to become involved in. Best of all for me is the countryside setting; watching the fruitfulness of the seasons go by. Talking with friendly neighbours. All these contribute 
to a general feeling of pleasantness and ease." (JGD).

"It was late May 2001 and the sun was shining. I parked my car by the lavender hedge and walked through an archway into almost unreal beauty. Fifty little old cottages with identical blue front doors surrounded by white trellis. Latticed windows. Tall chimneys. Fifty little front gardens in full bloom. And in the middle of the quadrangle, an ancient chapel. I couldn’t wait to come and live here. Now I am surrounded by friends, women of similar age and interests - all happy to be living in such a unique, healing place." (JH)

“There is a friendly atmosphere here at The College. I find a warm welcome each morning I enter the quad. This is a calming, serene and tranquil place in which to work, but with plenty of lively residents and a lot going on for those who wish to join in. For those who are not 'joiners' The College simply provides a safe and secure home amongst beautiful surroundings.” (Warden)

The short biographies of a few current residents which follow were gathered for October 2012 Bulletin—given over entirely this issue to The Founder’s Day Special booklet ( see also under the News section). They are listed by cottage number and also feature, where known, a brief note on past occupants.

Cottage No. 5

Pat, the current occupant, says: ‘I moved to The College in 2011 because my Sister, Sally, had lived here for nine years and so I knew it quite well. No. 5 was vacant when I decided the time was right – and that was fine by me. My cottage backs on to the A4, but I have no problems with the traffic noise because I am deaf and I love my little house. I work twice a week, dog walking and I house–sit, to supplement my very meagre pension. But I enjoy joining in social activities at The College whenever possible. I feel I am so lucky to beable to live in such a beautiful, well looked–after residence.’

Cottage No. 35

Lorna, who lives at No. 35 now, writes:
Just two years ago, in 2010, I came for an interview at The College and remember how much I wanted to become a resident. I have now been at The College for 18 months and each day that passes underlines my great good fortune in living here. My roots are firmly established. The friendship, kindness and concern from
everyone restores my soul.

The Warden
Mrs Emma Holborow

The Steward
Ms Laurie Caterer

The Board of Trustees
The Duke of Somerset, Chairman of the Trustees
Mrs Anne Oliver, Chairman Executive
Mr Martin Gibson (Finance Chairman)
Mr Christopher Cooke
Mrs. Joanna Cowley
Mrs Henrietta Geary
Mr Martin Gibson
Mr Nick Loweth
Mr Richard Nocton
Dr Rodney Owen-Jones
Mrs Anna Pearson-Gregory

The Chaplain
The Reverend Ann Massey



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