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"Now I am surrounded by friends, women of similar age and interests - all happy to be living in such a unique, healing place."


Eligibility & charges | How to Apply

Eligibility and charges

Observing the conditions of the historic Trust laid down by the Duchess, each cottage is for single occupancy.

All residents must be female, over 55 and single, widowed or divorced, ie without a live-in partner and without any resident dependants (including elderly parents).

Applicants must be able to look after themselves, as there is no domestic help or nursing available on site, or make their own arrangements if required.

Pets are not permitted as the cottages and grounds are not suitable.


To live at the College, residents pay a weekly maintenance contribution (WMC), which includes the cost of:
Central heating, Water rates, General property maintenance.

This WMC excludes: Electricity bills, Council tax, Broadband / Telephone

The Steward is on hand to help residents organise their WMC payments, which are paid monthly in advance.


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