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Eligibility & Charges | How to Apply

How to apply

To apply for residency at the College, simply follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1 – Enquiry

All enquiries are handled by the Steward. She can be contacted by telephone on 01488 684408.

Step 2 – Viewing

This is strictly by appointment only.  To arrange a suitable time the Warden should be contacted. Her telephone number is available from the Steward and this can be arranged after your initial enquiry.

Step 3 – Application Form and Medical Form

After visiting, if you decide you would like to apply to become a resident, please ask the Warden for an application form and medical form, then send the completed forms to –

The Steward, at the address on the bottom of the application form
All applications must include:
1. Your reason for applying
2. Your age and personal status (eg widow, divorced, unmarried)
3. Your personal financial position
4. Your full postal address (and telephone number if possible)
5. Two personal references (and contact numbers for the referees)
6. A medical form completed by your doctor


Step 4 – Availability and Meeting with Trustees

Once you have returned the two forms, and if you are considered eligible, you will be invited to meet some of the Trustees.

Step 5 – Notification

Shortly after your meeting with the Trustees, you will be notified as to whether your application has been successful.

Data Protection Statement: It is part of the trustees’ responsibilities to ensure that applicants for almshouses are suitably qualified under the terms of the charity’s governing document. Trustees therefore need to investigate the personal circumstances of applicants.  The personal data supplied on this form and other information relating to an almshouse appointment or the care management of the applicant will be held on file for the duration of your appointment as a resident and for three further years.  Some details may be checked with relevant organisations, but none will be disclosed for any inappropriate purpose.  If the application is unsuccessful, the application form and all other personal data supplied will be destroyed.


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