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Extracts from recent bulletins, produced by Claire Costello

November 2017 Bulletin


December 2017 Bulletin - continued...


December 2017 Bulletin - continued...

Founder’s Day: Residents of the College, Trustees, and visitors also gave thanks to Sarah on Sunday 22nd October, in the Chapel at the College. The Service was conducted by the Revs. Graham and Sandy Railton

Open day at the College will be held on 24th June 2018. There is a good team coming together with various agenda items to be put in motion. The notes from the meeting are on the notice board in 24. If you would like to help but haven’t attended a meeting yet, or have a good idea, just let Laurie know.

November 2018 - will be 100 years since the Armistice. The Woodland Trust is donating free trees to groups, communities, councils, schools, and if ordered now will be delivered for planting November 2018 - to remember all those who sacrificed so much. As part of the 2018 Remembrance… Mindy Milne on behalf of All Saint’s Church has ordered some native trees for the churchyard. The Parish Council has ordered an Oak tree.

The Kennet Valley War Trust, in collaboration with the Woodland Trust, has ordered 420 native trees to be planted at the Ramsbury Airfield. Peter Wilson, of Rudge Farm, has given his consent for the saplings to be used to rejuvenate the wood. We hope to form a lasting remembrance to those who lived and worked in this area on the war effort. A Committee has been formed to manage the project, with fund raising envisaged to purchase an information board and a suitable plaque. The project is very much in the infancy stage but if anyone would like to know more, or join the Committee to help with the project, please let Raine or Claire know.

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December 2017 Bulletin

Postman Paul has been delivering post to the residents at the College for an amazing 37 years! Naturally, the question that comes to mind – has the College changed? Paul says that the ladies have changed, they seem younger (or maybe we just look younger!) but the College with its eternal view, hasn’t changed at all. As the residents come and go Paul has carried on delivering the post to the cottage doors. He says he loves coming here and with his humour and cheery demeanour, he is very much part of the daily life.

Nathan is the newest member of the maintenance team. He is self employed and comes to the College three or four times a month and emergency call outs. He’s the man who now provides the fixtures and fittings for bathrooms and kitchens in the cottages. We very much appreciate his helpful attitude and calm manner.

Terry - The days of a daily delivery of milk to one’s doorstep are long gone, but not at the College, thanks to Terry who has been delivering milk and groceries to the residents for around 18 years. He works independently, collecting basic but vital foods from his suppliers including local farms near to his home base Andover. He provides residents with milk, juices, bottled water, eggs, bread, and even garden compost!

Many people contribute to life at the College – John Black who has been up in the mysterious world of lofts and pipes and somehow kept the old system running, and Paul Knott who installs new radiators. Roy O’Sullivan, one of our decorators, has been coming to the College for many years. Kate our Hairdresser arrives every Wednesday, and has often rescued me from a bad hair day. Jennifer, our ex Steward, is cooking and serving lunches in the Boardroom. Chantal ensures that the Duchess of Somerset’s web site is accessible and updated. John Offer has been coming to the College to fit carpets and lino on 400-year-old floors for as long as I can remember. And thank you to the newsagent who comes in the early morning to deliver the newspapers.

Tony has been working for the College these past seventeen years and every Saturday, and sometimes Sunday, his white van is parked outside the garage workshop. I am not sure what we would do without Tony who provides a sort of jack-of-all-trades service and can turn his carpenter’s hands to most things.

Emma, our Warden, and Ginge our groundsman make a great team. For the past seven years, the days have come and gone but for them not one day has been the same. A myriad of concerns, questions, the odd problem (!) deliveries, queries and a hundred other things all have to be dealt with and moved along to the pages of ‘resolved’. It is a busy day for Emma; she seems to glide around the quad quietly and, without ado, sorts out the issue at hand. Ginge, as always, goes beyond the call of duty and between them, the daily life at the College runs smoothly and efficiently.

In Remembrance – Jaqueline Lundie Gourlay 1946 -2017
Jaqui was immensely proud of her Scottish origins and golf, and rugger and Andy Murray. She used her many talents and rose to unimaginable heights in The City. Jaqui broke through that glass ceiling that kept women from top jobs in this the financial capital of the world. A gifted musician Jaqui turned down a scholarship to the Yehudi Menuhin School to take an Economics Degree at Strathclyde. This achieved, she became a financial assistant with BP. On to working as a financial analyst with Trust House Forte. Moving swiftly upwards to work for Willis & Faber where Jaqui moved through the ranks to being appointed the Corporate Treasurer. Simultaneously taking on several board directorships. Minet was the next port of call where as Corporate Treasurer she worked alongside the Serious Fraud Squad to trace the funds distributed round the world by the murdered Calvi, a huge international scandal at the time. Time then seemed right to setup her own investment company, also investing the assets of Lloyds underwriters (where she was a working name) as well as global companies such as IKEA. Jaqui, ever astute, then sold her company to Aberdeen Asset Management only to buy it back and sell on to Gerrard & National. Also a director of Hambros Bank, her last full time job was with Investec. Around all this, she packed in several quangos, the DCMS and was a Trustee of The Royal Armouries alongside HM the Queen, Richard Whitely and Kriss Akabusi. I have scarcely scratched the surface of a great achiever. Her personal life was precisely that - both personal and very private. Married twice, her two much loved children, Claire and Catriona, were given the best of everything. The world is a poorer place without her and I have lost a wonderful, charismatic, and argumentative friend.

By Hilary Laidlaw-Thomson

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