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Extracts from recent bulletins, produced by Claire Costello

April/May 2017 Bulletin


April/May 2017 Bulletin - continued...


June/July 2017 Bulletin - continued...

Avebury comes to the College – courtesy of Mike Robinson who is a site guide for Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage site. His talk concentrated on the Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments of Avebury, and gave us a glimpse into our ancient past. The National Trust owns much of the landscape around Avebury, which is the centre of other monuments at nearby West Kennet & Bechhampton Avenues, The Long Barrow, Windmill Hill, Silbury Hill, and the Sancturary.

The prolonged dry weather did not deter the gardeners arriving for the annual plant sale at the Memorial hall. This event has been organised by Mindy Milne to raise funds for the local church, All Saint’s, for as long as anyone can remember. Thanks to Mindy, and all the volunteers who sold plants, raffle tickets, homemade cakes and served tea, £950 was raised towards the church funds.

Parish Council News - Colin Slater, a councillor for twenty years, and Chair of the Parish Council, stood down at the last meeting, as did David Wilson, and our Clerk Graham Francis. We thank them for their community service, and wish them all the best with their newfound leisure! Pat Adams has become the new Chairman, and her fellow Councillors are: Vanya Body (Deputy) Claire Costello, Raine Cully, and we welcomed back Les Thomson. We hope to have a new Clerk very soon and there are two vacant seats if anyone would like to join us.

We now have a defibrillator for the village, affixed to the Memorial hall outside wall. No code needed just lift off, open up, and follow the simple instructions.

Lorna writes – “A memorial service was held in the Chapel on Sunday 30th May in memory of Beth Pirie, Dulcie Jerram, Margo Lock, Jean Crawford-Cull, and Paul Lewington.
The Reverends John and Sandy Railton organised the service.


Bees – Toxic pesticides that are banned from our fields still get into our gardens! B&Q have said they will no longer sell flowering plants that have been treated using these toxic pesticides. Our bee friendly gardens would benefit enormously if all garden centres followed suit. Photo courtesy of Pia.

Joy - This may have seemed inconsequential to Joy but on walking in Littlecote Park she found a wallet - it contained bankcards, cash, driving licence, and other various bits …

Unbeknown to Joy, I had been out walking when a worried estate worker stopped to say he had lost his wallet and could I keep an eye out! A few days later, he stopped again to tell me his wallet and contents had been found thanks to a woman called Joy who lived in Marlborough. Honest individuals take themselves for granted, but a good deed can restore someone’s faith in people. Of all the things in that wallet the one thing that mattered most to him was a photo of his daughter; I sensed the loss would have been upsetting.

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June/July 2017 Bulletin

The College welcomes our newest resident Pamela Ritchie who has moved into 43. We hope she will be very happy in her new home.

We very much appreciated the Duke and Duchess of Somerset’s recent visit to the College for our annual drinks and canapés in the Quad. All those who attended, with thanks to the Trustees for all they do to make the College a beautiful and special place to live in, enjoyed a very relaxing evening...

Pat writes about the College day trip to Windsor. “Dolly, Evelyn, Sheila, Carol, Pat with her sister and myself, set off down the M4 on the handy- bus. It was a very hot day, but we found some beautiful shady trees in the park and, if in Windsor, what better than a boat trip down the Thames.

Thank you Emma for organising the day trips.

News from the Parish council – At the last meeting the PC advised the suggestions received (so far) on how the Community Fund should be spent. It is not too late to add your voice to the suggestions, even if it is one already received.
Next meeting 13th September 7.30 pm, when Lee Stripe, from the Cyber Crime Prevention team, will be giving a short talk re: on-line safety.

Claire Perry MP will be coming to the College on Friday 6th October, from 2.30 to 4 pm in the Board Room. There will be an open discussion followed by a Surgery when you can speak with Ms Perry in private. Please let Emma or Claire at no 1 know if you would like to meet with Ms Perry privately.

Froxfield Social Committee has received a grant from the Marlborough Area Board towards a marquee and signage for village events. The marquee will be stored in the Memorial Hall and is available for community wide use.

On the 30th June, family and friends, along with some College residents, gathered in the Chapel for the Christening of baby Beau Ronald Dentry
His parents are Robert and Robyn Dentry, and the Godparents are Philip and Sarah Day with Ben Turvey and Lesley Dentry. This joyous occasion was officiated over by the Reverends John and Sandy Railton, with many thanks to them and the College.”


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