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Extracts from recent bulletins, produced by Claire Costello

December 2017 Bulletin


December 2017 Bulletin - continued...


July 2018 Bulletin - continued...

Postman Paul has been delivering post to the residents at the College for 37 years! As the residents come and go Paul has carried on delivering the post. He says he loves coming here and with his humour, is very much part of the daily life.

Nathan is the newest member of the maintenance team. He comes to the College three or four times a month and emergency call outs. He provides the fixtures and fittings for bathrooms and kitchens in the cottages. We very much appreciate his helpful attitude.

Terry - has been delivering milk and groceries to the residents for around 18 years. He works independently, collecting foods from his suppliers including local farms near to his home base. He provides residents with milk, juices, bottled water, eggs, bread, and even garden compost!

Tony has been working for the College these past seventeen years.

I am not sure what we would do without Tony who provides a sort of jack-of-all-trades service and can turn his carpenter’s hands to most things.

Emma, our Warden, and Ginge our groundsman make a great team. A myriad of concerns, questions, the odd problem deliveries, queries and a hundred other things all have to be dealt with and moved along to the pages of ‘resolved’.

Many people contribute to life at the College – John who has kept the old pipes system running, Paul who installs new radiators. Roy, one of our decorators, Kate our Hairdresser and Jennifer, our ex Steward, is cooking and serving lunches in the Boardroom. John has been coming to the College to fit carpets and lino. And thank you to the newsagent who comes to deliver the newspapers.

July 2018 Bulletin

The College Open Day on the 23rd June, when the planning and hard work by Laurie, the Steward, Ann Oliver and the Trustees, Emma & Ginge and, of course, the residents came together on the immaculate lawns.

It was a day when life at the College welcomed visitors and neighbours to come in and relax in a historic place, have tea and cake, and enjoy an afternoon of displays, music and dance.

With thanks to Alex Booth, the lady with the puppets; and thank you to the Froxfield Morris Dancers and Strings Attached. A very pleasant afternoon passed very quickly.

The tea and cakes delicious. Our 2018 Open Day was a great success. The raffle made £138 and £156 was donated to the tea & cakes. The plant stall made £228.33 and the money will be used (after consultation) for the College back gardens.

Thanks to Ginge, Raine, Claire and Sally for their hard work on the front gardens,
and despite uprooting and replanting in May, the beds look picturesque.

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