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Autumn 2020 Bulletin


Autumn 2020 Bulletin - continued...


Autumn 2020 Bulletin - continued...


Welcome to our new residents, Theresa and Jill.  Also, Ellie will be moving in on 1st October we hope you will all be happy here at the College.

A little bit of history of The Manor Farm, Froxfield, Judith G writes:

John Redman and his wife, Eliza Neate married on the 13th September 1849, the Manor House was built for them.

manor house

The second son, Thomas, sadly died young, aged 55. He married Margaret Kelly in 1877, whose mother lived at the College and was a clergy widow.  The eldest son, James, had taken The Manor, Winterbourne Bassett and was well established there.  The Froxfield Manor was only home to the Redmans for about 50 years.

My Stepmother was the granddaughter of James Redman and I spent many happy holidays at the Manor,  Winterbourne Bassett. There was a lovely walled garden and a small lake with an island. I think the productive garden provided the whole village with food!


- Froxfield village around 1900

Sam Farmer, who lived in Little Bedwyn, was a relation.  Mr Farmer, with Lord Long, was a Trustee of the College.

Sam Farmer

- Sam Farmer

OLD ACQUAINTANCES AND MUSKETS by Charlie Clarke (a College Resident)

‘Ben Doyle?’ Claire plopped down into the kitchen chair, almost dropping the tea towel as she grabbed the telephone receiver cradled between neck and chin.   ‘Yes, of course I remember you.’
Ben’s deep voice sailed down the wire, ‘I was sorry to hear about David, It must have been a shock…’ ... Read the full story in the bulletin here

From the Chaplain

Dear All
I can hardly believe that nearly three months have passed since lockdown began to be loosened and we were looking forward to being able to circulate more freely with the wider world.  I had optimistically thought that life would be returning to normal rather more quickly than it has!  However, life is gradually easing back into some sort of pre-Covid 19 normal, albeit slowly!

During this long period of cautiousness the danger is that we may become so used to being cautious and separate from others that we accept the status quo and lose interest in what is going on outside our ‘bubble’.  God tells us though that we are social beings and need each other to have a full life.

Our wellbeing and happiness depend on free interaction with others;  those close to us and those in the wider community. It is difficult though to maintain relationships when physical and emotional barriers are put in the way.

I know I have become very dependent upon my garden for fulfilment during these last few months and also realise that I need to rekindle some balance when we are able to move around with confidence, freely and safely again.
Part of this process for me, and I hope for you, will be our services in the Chapel.  I am pleased to say that I have just had confirmation today (7th September) that services can resume on the 20th September!  We shall have an 11am Holy Communion in the Chapel. Please do come if you would like to – there will be protocols in place for safe distancing and for receiving Communion.  We will no doubt start cautiously and gain confidence as time passes.

In the meantime, I welcome those who have moved into the Community over the last few weeks. I am sure I speak on behalf of us all as I wish them every blessing in their new homes and in the community.

I look forward to having the opportunity to meet everyone very soon but in the meantime do get in touch if you would like to chat and, if you would like me to visit you please let me know!

With love to all,  Ann

If you have anything you would like to contribute to a future newsletter,
poems, fiction, recipes etc. please pass on to the Steward

Read the full bulletin here


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